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Careless and inconsiderate driving is an offence which covers a very broad spectrum of driving and accordingly has a very broad spectrum of penalties. Without specialist legal representation you could easy to be convicted of careless driving and even if you are pleading guilty expert representation can be the difference between you receiving a low number of penalty points and receiving a high number of penalty points or even a disqualification.

With 100% of our clients who have gone to trial over the past 12 months being acquitted and 100% of all clients who have pled guilty within the same period retaining their driving licence you need look no further for the specialist road traffic lawyer you need.


Careless Driving

Careless driving is covered under Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and the test applied by the courts is:-

  1. Whether the standard of driving falls below what would be expected of a reasonable and competent driver.

This test is significantly easier for the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service to meet in comparison to dangerous driving. Indeed even the slightest momentary lapse in concentration or failure to properly signal on the roads can lead to a conviction of careless and inconsiderate driving. However, the circumstances of every case have to be considered in it’s own context and that’s why our approach is to carry out a bespoke and comprehensive investigation into the circumstances of each case including the road and weather conditions and the view of the road afforded to you at the time, the actions of other drivers on the road and a thorough examination of the locus. This approach is key to our success in ensuring our client’s achieve the best possible outcome.

Penalties of Careless Driving

The penalties for careless and inconsiderate driving are:-

  • Between 3-9 penalty points
  • Discretionary disqualification

With the court having such wide ranging sentencing powers even the imposition of penalty points for careless driving can lead to disqualification via the totting up procedure and so it is absolutely essential that you do not assume that you will simply receive a low number of penalty points. If convicted the court should impose penalty points or a disqualification that reflects the level of carelessness demonstrated and that is often higher than your perception of the situation.

Careless and inconsiderate driving is serious offence which can have very serious consequences if not taken seriously so contact Scotland’s award winning road traffic specialists who are serious about your case and serious about getting results, call now on 0141 465 3333