Driver acquitted of drink driving at Paisley Sheriff Court

May 18, 2018News


Driver acquitted of drink driving at Paisley Sheriff Court

May 18, 2018 News

Our client, Mr G, was charged with drink driving after police discovered him sitting within his vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol in Paisley town centre in the early hours of the morning.

Understandably, our client was concerned about the impact that a conviction for drink driving would have on him, particularly the mandatory disqualification from driving and the stigma attached with such a driving offence.

Our client disputed the drink driving charge. During his free initial consultation he explained that he had sought refuge in his car after he had run off from a group of males that had aggressively surrounded him during a night out and that he had contacted his friend via snapchat to ask that he pick him up and take him home. He explained that at no point did he drive or attempt to drive his car.

Our specialist road traffic lawyer was instructed to defend Mr G. He thoroughly investigated the case and put together a robust defence and utilised one of the country’s best toxicologists to ensure Mr G had the best possible outcome at trial.

The trial took place at Paisley Sheriff & Justice of the Peace Court. At the trial, our road traffic lawyer used his expertise and extensive knowledge of road traffic law to quickly have the Procurator Fiscal concede that they had insufficient evidence to proceed to prosecute Mr G with drink driving and so the trial continued on the basis the Procurator Fiscal sought to prove the alternative charge of being drunk in charge of a vehicle.

Despite there being more than ample evidence to prove this particular charge, our road traffic specialist had prepared for this eventuality and was able to present compelling evidence to support a statutory defence of there being no likelihood that Mr G was going to drive the vehicle.

Following conclusion of the evidence our specialist road traffic lawyer used his expertise to present a comprehensive argument and legal submissions inviting the Sheriff to acquit Mr G.

Our client was both delighted and relieved when the Sheriff found him not guilty and was extremely grateful to our road traffic lawyer, Mr Sheridan, for the first class service and representation he had received.

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